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Meet our Sponsors!

We are so proud to bring you the very first Kamloops Extreme Makeover! All of our sponsors have been involved from the very beginning—donating their time, products, and services to enrich Kamloops’ women and men’s lives in a fun and exciting way. Apply now and share with your friends to help make this contest a success!

Jonni's Styling Studio

Kamloops Skin Solutions

True Smiles Spa

Kamloops Family Vision Clinic

Kamloops Naturopathic Clinic | Enhanced Reflection Medi Spa

Application Form

Date of Birth:*
Medication you are currently taking:*
Please list any and all drug allergies & reactions:*
Do you actively tan (inside OR outside)?:*
If yes, when was your last session?
Do you use products that contain the following?*
Do you have a history of any of the following conditions?*
Have you ever been treated for skin cancer?*
Do you have any immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, lupus?*
Are you willing to have any aesthetic procedures (Laser, IPL, Surgery, or microdermabrasion)?*
Are you willing to have any cosmetic injections? (Botox or Fillers?)*
When was your last dental checkup/hygiene visit?*
Do you have crowns, bridges or dentures on your front teeth?*
Do you have any active or outstanding decay (cavities) or suffer from tooth pain/sweet or hot sensitivity?*
What would improve the look of your smile?*
Do you currently wear glasses/contacts?*
When was your last eye exam?*
Has your hair been coloured, chemically straightened or permed in the last year?*
If yes, when was it done, what was the product, and was it done in a professional studio?*
Are you comfortable with a complete hairstyle change? (Cut, Colour, Style ect.) Please explain.*
Do you use professional products on your hair at home? (i.e Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling aids)? Please explain.*
What makes you the perfect extreme makeover recipient? *
Please also submit two photos with your answers - One full body picture and one close up face picture with no makeup, your hair down in its natural state, with a *big smile* to show your teeth! *